Adam Daniel Mezei is the modern day Renaissance Man. Based in Toronto -- but with a penchant for travel -- he is not limited by the four corners of the world. An experienced communicator, Adam applies his myriad life experiences through audio, visual, written, and artistic mediums and is as confident drafting a screenplay as he is in front of the camera creating a vision of his own making. Or bringing to life the vision of another...

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Influenced by his many world experiences Adam draws from his extensive international exploits having resided in Prague, Berlin, Montreal, Auckland, Johannesburg, and Cape Town as well as time spent in Vancouver. While living in Prague, Adam was fortunate to travel throughout Europe, and often returns for personal and professional opportunities.

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Adam’s most expressive medium is film, and with nine screenplays bearing his name his latest project is THE 416 TRILOGY, a modern interpretation of Krzysztof Kieślowski's Three Colors: Blue, White, Red is a celebration of Adam’s adept usage of dialogue. The 416 Trilogy comes on the heels of the production of 2012’s The Inner District, a dystopian look into the future imagining the Berlin Wall did not fall in 1989.

Along with his deft screenwriting and producing abilities, Adam has written two short story collections, We Are The New Auroras: The Story Collection and We Are The New Bohemians: The Post-Communist Collection a tome influenced by his years living as an expat in the Czech Republic.

In addition to his skill behind the camera, Adam has expanded his repertoire to include acting and modeling, emboldening his evolution as a writer, filmmaker, and artist. This "newfound" medium has offered Adam an opportunity to express himself in ways never before explored while exclusively behind-camera, affording him the experience and expertise to excel in the creative realm.

A talented polyglot, Adam is comfortable in French, Spanish, Russian, Czech, and (of course) English and is adding German and Italian to this already impressive list. With a passion for communication, there is no language barrier that will deter Adam from achieving greatness in whatever project he sets his attention to.